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Data Protection is Your Responsibility

As a UK SME owner, safeguarding your valuable business information is crucial. But with complex regulations and ever-evolving threats, it can feel overwhelming.

Deep Blue Backup empowers you to take charge! We offer a powerful suite of self-service data protection solutions, designed for the flexibility and control you crave.

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Why Deep Blue Backup is Your UK SME Data Protection Champion:

Effortless, Self-Service Protection: Our intuitive platforms make setting up and managing backups a breeze. Minimal IT support needed! Deep Blue Backup puts the power of data protection in your hands.

Hybrid Backup Freedom: Protect your data on your terms! Deep Blue Backup lets you create any combination of cloud and local backups for ultimate flexibility. PCs, Macs, Servers, VMs, NAS drives? We’ve got you covered.

SaaS Backup Hero: Cloud applications like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Dropbox, and Box are safeguarded too! Ensure business continuity with secure SaaS backups.

Expert Support at Your Fingertips: Need a helping hand? Our top-notch support team is always available to answer your questions and guide you through any challenges.

Conquer Your Unique Data Protection Needs

Deep Blue Backup understands that every UK SMB has unique data needs. Here’s how we help you conquer them.

Identify Your Data:

Customer Data (CRM, Emails): Deep Blue Backup’s secure cloud storage with robust encryption keeps GDPR and PCI DSS compliance effortless

Financial Data (Invoices, Bank Statements): Enjoy peace of mind with our secure cloud storage and disaster recovery features, ideal for safeguarding sensitive financial information

 Mixed Data Types: No problem! Create custom backup sets for different data types, combining cloud and local storage for ultimate protection.

Choose Your Backup Strategy:

Limited Data (Small Businesses): Start with cost-effective cloud backups, scaling up storage as your business grows.

Ever-Expanding Data: Deep Blue Backup’s cloud storage scales seamlessly to accommodate your growing data volume.

Massive Data Archives: Deep Blue Backup offers a variety of data protection solutions to fit your needs. Contact us to discuss the best option for your specific data archive requirements.

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Embrace Cost-Effective Security:

We offer scalable data protection plans to fit your budget. As your data needs grow, you can easily add more storage to your existing plan.

Deep Blue Backup Empowers UK SMEs to Conquer Data Protection. With Deep Blue Backup, you get:

Cloud Backup: Endpoints (PCs, Macs, Servers & NAS).

SaaS Backup: Securely backup your cloud-based applications (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Dropbox & Box).

Cloud Reseller Plan: Become a Deep Blue Backup partner and offer data protection to your clients.

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all solution! Embrace the flexibility and control Deep Blue Backup offers.

Get a free consultation to assess your specific data protection needs.

Contact Deep Blue Backup today and take charge of your data security!

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